Case Studies

The proof is in the pudding, which is why we’re proud to display the results of our clients.

My Gift Registry

My Gift Registry

My Gift Registry is Australia’s #1 online gift registry for people who are getting engaged, married, or about to have babies, but it wasn’t always that way.

Strategic analysis of competitors revealed a huge opportunity to dominate organic search results and capture thousands of website visitors for free.

Fast forward to present day and when searching online for anything related to a gift registry will show My Gift Registry outranking even the biggest competitors including Myer, David Jones, Kmart and so on.

This results in hundreds of new customers signing up every month, and huge increases in revenue all from 100% free organic traffic.


  • 3,595% increase in organic traffic
  • 2,152% increase in customers
  • 2,670% increase in revenue


Solahart mockup
Solahart results

Solahart was running running an ad campaign through another agency which was delivering sub-standard results.

With every phone call costing well over $200 the results of the campaign were unsustainable to say the least.

We took over control of the ad campaign and steadily brought the cost / lead down until they were paying about 10x less for every phone call.


  • 875% increase in leads
  • 37:1 return on investment
"Our phone hasn't stopped ringing! I don't think the girls could handle any more calls right now."
Lauren Steele

Wilkinson Orthodontics

Wilkinson Orthodontics mockup
Wilkinson Orthodontics traffic

Wilkinson Orthodontics wanted to increase the volume of new clients in order to support their expansion into a second practice location.

The campaign first focused on producing a new website to replace the ageing 10 year old site. 

Once the new website was in place the primary focus was to develop the organic search engine rankings which delivered huge increases in organic traffic & new client calls bookings for the practice.


  • 636% increase in organic traffic
  • 390% increase in leads
"They've played a large part in taking our website to the next level by integrating social media, email marketing and SEO."
Peter Wilkinson
Wilkinson Orthodontics

Capital Plumbing

Capital Plumbing mockup
Capital Plumbing Results

Capital Plumbing wanted to expand their exposure and capture more plumbing jobs throughout the Gold Coast to Brisbane.

A significant overhaul of the website was conducted in order to set the stage for a search engine strategy which involved both paid ads, and organic SEO.

The result was a massive increase in phone call enquiries for customers wanting to hire plumbers & achieving significant growth for the business.


  • 1,663% increase in leads

Apex Carpet Cleaning

Apex Carpet Cleaning
SEO Campaign Results

The founders of Apex Carpet Cleaning had become tired with using paper/directory style marketing channels and found that they simply weren’t generating enough work for to justify the cost of the campaigns.

Their objective was simply to become highly visible to people who lived around norther New South Wales.

A fresh website design set the stage for a quality SEO campaign to draw in all that free traffic from search engines, and also ensured that when people did visit the website, they were highly likely to pick up the phone and become a customer.


  • 463% increase in organic traffic
  • 383% increase in leads

Neumann Steel

Neumann Steel
Neumann Steel traffic

Neumann Steel wanted to improve their visibility in search engines in order to attract more retail customers, as well as improving visibility for large scale tender contracts.

The first step was to rebuild a very old website to create a professional image online, and also to set the stage for strong organic SEO growth.

Since the new website was deployed the search engine rankings have consistently achieved record highs, and increasing the volume of enquiries each month.


  • 889% increase in organic traffic
  • 128% increase in conversions
"I would not hesitate to recommend Launch Experts to another company with my experience so far."
Brendon Welsh from Neumann Steel
Brendon Welsh
Neumann Steel

Hiit Station

SEO Campaign Results

Hiit Station wanted to drastically increase their online visibility in order to support the rapid expansion of their fitness business into multiple locations.

The first stage required building a high quality website which would maximise the conversions from any traffic regardless of the source.

Once the website was the SEO program kicked into gear delivering massive amounts of traffic and rapidly filling all of their classes.


  • 4,903% increase in organic traffic
  • 1,391% increase in conversions
"We've used them since the very first days of our business in 2010, always with fantastic results."
Chontel Hau
Hiit Station

Black Granite Finance

Black Granite Finance mockup
Black Granite Finance results

A local finance company wanted to relaunch their business online after undergoing a full rebrand.

A new website was designed in order to maximise the number of leads generated from website traffic, as well as providing a solid foundation for future SEO & paid ad campaigns.


  • 814% increase in organic traffic