Chatbots handle repetitive tasks so you don’t have to. Things like customer service, lead generation, order processing and much more!

Advantages of Chatbots

Scale Instantly

It doesn’t matter if the chatbot has 1 task, or 100 tasks at the time time. It can handle them all without any delays.

Drive Costs Down & Profits Up

Stop wasting hours of staff wages on repetitive tasks and let the bot handle it instead.

Consistent Experience & Results

Users always get the same experience every time so you can get predictable results and growth.

Physiotherapy Chatbot

This chatbot segments users based on their needs & nurtures the relationship until they’re ready to make an appointment.


This chatbot qualifies sales leads and then connects them with a human operator.


This advanced chatbot can power an entire restaurant by handling ordering for pickup, delivery, and even table service orders.

Chatbots can do...

  • Customer Service
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Qualification
  • Prospect Nurturing
  • Data Ingestion
  • Online Ordering

Clients Say...

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"They've played a large part in taking our website to the next level by integrating social media, email marketing and SEO."
Peter Wilkinson
Wilkinson Orthodontics
"We've used them since the very first days of our business in 2010, always with fantastic results."
Chontel Hau
Hiit Australia
"I've been a client since 2004 and they've always helped my business make more money."
Glenn Etheridge
Mid-North Coast Paintball
"I would not hesitate to recommend Launch Experts to another company with my experience so far."
Brendon Welsh from Neumann Steel
Brendon Welsh
Neumann Steel