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Launch Experts is a boutique digital marketing agency which focuses on 1 simple objective, results.

No tricks, magic potions or overblown promises.

Just expertise in digital marketing that helps our clients get where they want to go.

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Stuart has an impressive digital marketing background, overseeing the marketing division for some large agencies & has spoken alongside Google at digital conferences. He has a strong technical background in search engines & is well known for his SEO expertise. You’ll find him coding websites, optimising ad campaigns, building chat bots & tinkering with AI. This makes Stuart our in-house technical wizard!

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Rhiannon has a long history within the marketing industry, predominantly in account management & business development. Her expertise revolves around marketing strategy to ensure every client has a positive return on investment for their marketing dollar. She has a strong focus on brand perception, customer service, client coaching & sales training. These abilities combined with & passion to help businesses scale, makes her the in-house strategy guru!

“We’re only interested in delivering awesome results for our clients. That means we have to be able to pull together various key skills, technologies, systems and years of experience which all work in unison to deliver exceptional results.

There’s no such thing as a cookie cutter approach to marketing as every business is different and their business goals always differ. That’s why we take the time to understand each client individually, implement the best solution to meet their goals and work with them closely as their business evolves.”


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How are we Different?

When it comes to agencies you can compare Launch Experts to a unicorn.

Majestic… Mythical… The stuff of legend.

You’ve likely never seen one in the wild, but they do exist.

An agency that leads with integrity, offers exclusivity, doesn’t lock clients into long time-based contracts & only hires experts, not salespeople.

Unicorns do exist.


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You’ve probably got a lot of questions about Digital Marketing.
Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get from our clients.

If your goal is to generate leads/sales directly from the campaign, then yes.

Digital marketing gives you far greater control, and the ability to be very targeted while tracking which campaigns generate the best results.

Yes! For many of our campaigns, we get paid based on the amount you want to spend on your ad campaigns.

This means that our financial success is directly tied to yours!

We don’t need to lock our clients into time-based contracts, so we don’t have them!

If you don’t feel like you’re getting results, just give us 30 days notice, and you can walk away.

You don’t have to…

We’ll walk you through a comprehensive process to understand what your goals are, and then formulate a marketing strategy designed to meet those targets.