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Place your business at the top of search results, every time someone is searching for what you offer.

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Your ad in position #1

Get premium position over your competitors, and show ads to new customers at the exact moment they are searching for what you offer.

There’s no better way to generate rapid results, increase your revenue and predictably scale your business.

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SEM Advantages

SEM, also known as PPC or Google Ads is the ultimate way to launch your business. Whether you’re a start up looking to fast track your success or an established business looking to grow, it’s likely that SEM is the answer.

Instant Visibility

Get your business on page 1 for the keywords you want, without waiting!

Easily Scalable

Scale your business as fast as you like to achieve your business goals.

Transparent Reporting

Easy to understand reporting allows you to make smart marketing decisions for your business.

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“Our phone hasn’t stopped ringing! I don’t think the girls could handle any more calls right now.”

Lauren Steele

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Immediate results

Ad campaigns can be up and running in no time, immediately driving traffic to your website and generating sales!

Use it to achieve rapid growth, or to steady the ship during seasonal slow periods.

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Results you can see hear measure rely on predict scale prove

There’s no need to guess about the value your campaigns are bringing into your business, because you’ll be able to see real tangible results every month. That way you can make smart business decisions about your marketing.

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“If you had a vending machine where you put in 1 dollar and the machine consistently gave you 5 dollars back, how much money would you put into the machine?

That’s the reality of how these campaigns function for our clients.

It’s also the reason why we don’t often have to ask our clients to increase their campaign budgets.

As soon as they see consistent results, they ask us.“

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SEM Case Studies

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You’ve probably got a lot of questions about Search Engine Marketing.
Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get from our clients.

When you place ads in Google’s search results, you’re essentially entering into a micro auction whenever the user searches for your target keywords. You (the advertiser) pay a fee whenever the user clicks on your ad.

Click Fraud isn’t an issue that impacts many people because search engines have become pretty good at detecting “dodgy clickers”. However we do use additional protections to ensure that your budget isn’t being wasted and you get the best results.

No. This is a myth that has been thoroughly disproven. Running ads has no impact on organic rankings (SEO) whatsoever.

No. Ad campaigns can easily be scaled up or down to suit your business needs. Got a few weeks where you’re fully booked? Turn them down and save your budget, and then scale them up again when you need to top up your schedule again.

We most commonly hear this when people have tried to self-manage their ad campaigns, or they’ve used an agency that are unskilled at running ad campaigns.

When it comes to running campaigns which are profitable, it definitely pays to have experts handling it.

In fact, a lot of our current SEM clients have tried it before without success until we took over the account.

Anyone can setup Google Ads but getting them to perform is the tricky part. 

Analysing the campaign data and ad performance in order to optimise each month is where we come. We know how to get results and a positive return on investment.

It’s often the difference between campaigns that just burn money, and those that are highly profitable.