5 Signs That You’re Spamming Your Target Audience!

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Spending a lump sum amount on marketing, creating promotional posts, carrying out heavy campaigns, and relying on email marketing might sound like bringing a lot of traffic.

But what if the response is the exact opposite of your expectation? Well, in that case, it’s a clear indication that your targeted audience is too informed and now annoyed.

Now, this might cause you to think that how is it possible when your core purpose was brand awareness? Or simply informing the potential customers about the oh-so-amazing discounts that you are offering.

My friend, the right term is “spamming.” Overloading your audience with promotional marketing via the various platform is known as spamming.

This is where the famous saying sits well, excess of everything is bad.

You need to find the optimum level of marketing, ensuring that your audience is not left uninformed but too-informed at the same time. Difficult, we know.

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5 Signs That You Are Spamming Your Target Audience

1. The Decline in Engagement by The Audience

If you notice that despite employing efforts in creating marketing content your reach is declining or your audience is not interacting, then understand that your content is spamming them.

What happens is, when you increase your marketing campaign content you might get a positive short-term response. Which, is organic and authentic because till that point the audience is not overwhelmed with the content. However, when you cross a certain extent is when the targeted customer feels that the content is too much, and they simply stop responding or engaging.

2. Your Audience Is Unfollowing You

This sign is basically a continuation of the previous point.

One might argue that why are followers unfollowing when you are sharing promotional content; after all, content is king.

Again, this applies to a certain extent. There is a certain number of posts that the audience is expecting to see whenever they scroll down any social media platform. However, the moment they feel that their feed is only covered with your posts, bang, there they hit the unfollow option!

3. A Low Click-Through Rate

This spamming sign is more evident when you are heavily relying on email marketing. Do you think that the click-through rate is still low despite sending dozens of emails on daily basis? Then chances are the customers have stopped viewing them because they are just annoyed at the number of emails they receive on daily basis.

4. High Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate on social media platforms is common. Let’s take the example of Instagram stories. How many times a customer has fully viewed all the Instagram stories of a business? In most cases, they just swipe to the other story. The reason being, they are repetitive, annoying, and just too many of them. Here, the chances are that the most essential bit of the content might be skipped. So, what’s the purpose of putting up all the content in the first place when the targeted audience didn’t see the expected message?

5. No Response to Swipe Up

Conversions are one thing, but how do you expect to have conversions when you are merely ably to create leads? Swipe up options, visit the profile, and visit the website options are highly ignored by the audience because this irritates them rather than leaving them in curiosity to know more.

How Not to Spam Your Audience?

You need to identify how you are not shotgun marketing but rather having effective marketing strategies in place.

For this, you can rely on the “Numbers.” This means using the figures from various metrics and tools to be able to identify what worked and when. Moreover, the usage of specific metrics will also enable you to cut on the type of content that is not effective and popular among the audience.

Let’s see what are the tools that you can use:

  1. Clickthrough rate
  2. E-mail opening
  3. Bounce rate
  4. Lead conversions
  5. Individual visitors

“Using these metrics will enable you to make decisions on figures and numbers, which is essential.”

Now let’s move on to how you can prevent the marketing content to spam the audience. Honestly, these are very basic things. You might be doing this already, but perhaps need to be more considerate.


Firstly, creating quality content. Prefer quality over quantity and instead of posting 15 social media posts daily, try to create 5-7 posts but engaging. Moreover, be creative with your ideas. For instance, use skits, short or long videos, boomerangs, stories, reels, and images to create variety in the content you share. Also, don’t forget to share behind the scenes or something that adds value to the content.

Secondly, share your content on diverse platforms and don’t just stick to one.

Lastly, time your marketing content. 7 posts a day might still feel spam to the audience once uploaded together. Finding the right time to share the right content is the key here.

In Nutshell

It’s about time you derive a literal meaning to the phrase, “content is king” by adding more effort to creating quality content rather than increase the number of content posts or emails a day.

To ensure that you don’t spam the audience you need to ensure that you don’t burden them with a lot of content all at once!

What do you think irritates the audience the most? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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